Chronicles of Eternity explores ways how the different artists featured in this book experience and capture places, emotions, people, the environment, and themselves. It shows how one can take a narrative that naturally occurs and freeze it for eternity or even how certain narratives are created by the artist to capture feelings, humans, and situations that can be communicated through photographs.*
Chronicles of Eternity was created in cooperation with The Melon Magazine.*
Featuring: Andrea Carpene, Maria Chiara Gherardi, Dino Mehle, David Maurel, Maria Baiba, Ivana Noto, Nathalia Belfort, Danny Darlington, Sadie Sanders, Marta Pilotto, Anna Maria Sotiropoulou, Milena Pazos, Angé Lukov, Adrián Guillén Vivó, Linda Moro, Chiara Taneggi, Vullo, Greta Bartuccio, Jaden Accord, Caroline Seiffert, D4RK, Omri Golan, Asiana Rae, Henry Flaming.
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* All images and copy from Orvelio.

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